Arnon Meman - winner of the Google International Excellence Award for 2023

Platinum Product Expert

Google Certified Partner

Arnon Meman won the award of excellence at Google's international summit, London, October 2023

The award was given to Arnon Maman thanks to professional, quality and continuous support and providing useful solutions to Google Ads users in a variety of languages around the world. The "Silver Lining" award reflects a positive and supportive attitude, undaunted by difficulty, while creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The award was given as part of Google's "product experts" summit ,held in October this year in London. This conference was attended by Google experts from various fields and many countries from all over the world.

Google Ads Product Experts are selected by Google according to criteria of extensive professional knowledge, contribution to the user community by assisting, consulting and creating content for the benefit of Google Ads users all over the world.

The parameters that define the ROI are constantly refined and upgraded: the conversion rate, the conversion cost, Off-Line conversions, the attribution model, all of these have a far-reaching effect on the campaign's results. Mastery of these innovative tools enables us to provide our customers with business advantages that affect their profit line

Distilled conversions: Innovative technologies designed for optimized performance

Motivating content poured into Google's algorithms

Sharing ideas and getting to know Google experts from all over the world

Testimonials and acknowledgments

Michal Varkel
Ramat Gan College Marketing Manager

"Since the beginning of working with Arnon, there has been an increase in the quantity and quality of leads, and at the same time a significant decrease in the price of leads. I am very impressed by the level of professionalism of Arnon, who delves into the intricacies of the budget and constantly works on it. Arnon frequently comes up with innovations and initiatives based on innovative tools. I have confidence Done because my Google advertising budget is used in the most thorough and best way."

Dr. Shraga Wexler
S.A.R. Director of the Center for Women's and Men's Health

"Handling Google campaigns in the field of women's health, requires special professionalism and skill. We started working with Arnon about eight years ago, based on a recommendation that turned out to be very accurate. Thanks to Arnon's professional and intelligent campaign management, we receive a regular and significant flow of leads on a daily basis. With Arnon we enjoy attentive and friendly service based on transparency, trust and sharing."

Attorney Ilan Geva - family law and divorce

"We turned to Arnon Maman to upgrade our advertising on Google. With the aim of increasing the amount of conversions on the same budget. Within a few weeks we received a stream of quality leads that allowed us to create deals. Arnon is a first-class Google expert with extensive experience in the world of advertising and marketing. I recommend him at every opportunity and refers business owners to him to help them reach new customers." 

Yossi Berger
Owner of Waves surf club Ashdod

"The campaigns that Aron runs for us on Google reminds me of fertilizing a flower bed. Buds are suddenly popping up and immediately after them flowers that spread smell and immediately attract a lot of attention. This of course refers to customers who find us on Google and come to enjoy our surfing beach experiences in Ashdod. Thank you Arnon for making my commercial website flourish, gain many hits and increase the number of customers."

Dr. Monica Segal, dentist and attorney 
for medical malpractice claims

"Our office specializes in filing tort claims for medical negligence in dental treatments. In order to reach potential clients and get the most appropriate leads in the field, we chose Arnon to manage the Google campaign. The campaign is managed by Arnon very professionally and with a smart and innovative approach. The campaign generates a steady stream of customers for us, all this in an attentive service envelope, and a quick response."

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